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Gotham Knights Guide: All trophies of the action role-playing game at a glance

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The action role-playing game Gotham Knights offers you a large open game world with many quests and events to find and complete. You’ll also get your money’s worth as a trophy hunter in the video game. In this short guide you will learn how many trophies there are in the game and how to unlock them.

The PS5 version of Gotham Knights includes a total of 49 trophies, most of which are bronze. The Xbox Series version includes 48 trophies. These are composed as follows: 39x bronze; 7x silver; 2x gold and 1x platinum trophy.

Spoiler warning: The description of the trophies might contain information about the story of the video game. If you don’t want to be spoiled, read the following overview after finishing the game.

Gotham Knights: The trophies at a glance

You will automatically complete most of the Bronze Trophies as you progress through the Gotham Knights storyline. And if you are a true fan of the video game in the Batman universe and want to spend many hours playing the game, secure the Platinum reward.

Cooling phaseBronzeTransport a prisoner back to Blackgate
Batarang collectorBronzeCollect all hidden Batarangs in Gotham
Protector of GothamBronzeComplete a total of 50 challenges
The silence of the claysBronzeStorm the staged movie set and piss off the director
Hitting the wrong noteBronzeTrack down the villain who should not be in Gotham
The Batman familyBronzePlay as Robin, Nightwing, Red Hood and Batgirl
The secret GothamBronzeFind all audio recordings of Bruce Wayne (Batman)
The Man Bat FamilyBronzeDefeat 10 Man-Bats
You are threatened by the droneBronzeDefeat 30 Regulator Drone Masters
An art in itselfBronzeDiscover all hidden murals in Gotham
First step to the knighthoodBronzeUnlock one of the first skills
Family reunionBronzeDefeat 30 mafia godfathers
Merger expertBronzeMake 50 modchips with the mod fusion
Major: HistoryBronzeFind all fast travel points in Gotham
Ha Ha Ha, very funnyBronzeInvestigate the extraordinary source in Blackgate
Fast as hellBronzeComplete all Batcycle time trials
In your elementBronzeDeal 50 times elemental effect damage to enemies
With momentum and unstoppableBronzeUnlock all swing bars with all characters
Out of their leagueBronzeDefeat 45 Assassins & 30 League of Shadows Rocket Launchers
FlattenedBronzeDefeat 30 Freaks Bulldozer
KnighthoodBronzeAchieve the knighthood status with all characters
ShockingBronzeDefeat 45 Regulator Shockers
Victor victoriousBronzeDiscover a problem in Quartz Labs
Such a quartzBronzeInvestigate the disturbance in Quartz Labs
TalonedBronzeDefeat 40 normal talons, 25 gladiator talons & 15 hunter talons
Practice makes perfectBronzeComplete all training sessions (16 pieces) in the bell tower
Full on Re-QBronzeFind the questionable self-help program in Gotham
Waterproof alibiBronzeProtect Batman’s secret identity (place false information)
Selects HarleyBronzeDisrupt the presentation at the Monarch Theater
As it is written in the owl beechBronzeCollect all missing pages of Historia Strigidae
Dignified successionBronzeComplete the last knight skill rank with one character
UnfinishedBronzeComplete Case File 01: Batman’s Last Case
Lock and keyBronzeComplete Case File 03: In the Shadows
A rotten apple does not fall far from the treeBronzeComplete Case File 04: The Masked Ball
What’s going on in GothamBronzeComplete Case File 05: The Council of Owls
VoicelessBronzeComplete Case File 06: Jacob Kane
Asylum wantedBronzeComplete Case File 07: The League of Shadows
Gotham knightBronzeComplete Case File 08: Head of the Demon
The end of an eraSilverSuccessfully complete all rogue case files
Health DisasterSilverGo to Gotham General Hospital after visiting hours.
Clothes make heroesSilverMake a complete legendary equipment set (suit, melee & ranged weapon)
Not during my shiftSilverStop all crimes in one night
Yesterday’s snowSilverSurvive the storm at Elliot Center
SwingingSilverUnlock all swing abilities with all characters
Like petrifiedSilverSolve the case at the Gotham reservoir
He would be very proud of youGoldReach the maximum level with one character
Crime prevention expertGoldPrevent a total of 250 crimes in Gotham
Worthy of the maskPlatinumCollect all trophies of the game

Players of the Xbox version of Gotham Knights will receive 15 Gamerscore points each for Bronze Trophies, 30 points each for Silver Trophies, and 100 Gamerscore points for Gold Trophies.

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