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Hogwarts Legacy: All trophies of the fantasy role-playing game at a glance

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The fantasy role-playing game Hogwarts Legacy offers you a large open game world with many quests and tasks to complete. You’ll also get your money’s worth as a trophy hunter in the video game. In this short guide you will learn how many trophies there are in the game and how to unlock them.

As of today, the magical world of Hogwarts Legacy contains a total of 46 trophies. These are composed of 43 bronze trophies, two silver trophies and one platinum trophy. In a leak from the Epic Games Store, the list was published unintentionally and has not been denied by developer Avalanche Software so far. For the release of the game, some details might differ. We will then update this article as appropriate.

Spoiler warning: The description of each trophy might contain information about the video game’s story. If you don’t want to be spoiled, read the following overview after finishing the game.

Hogwarts Legacy: The trophies at a glance

Many of the trophies are already completed automatically during the course of the Hogwarts Legacy story. And if you are a true fan of the video game in the Harry Potter universe and want to spend many hours playing the game, secure the Platinum Reward.

All good things come in threesBronzeImprove a piece of equipment 3 times
From the ashesBronzeSave a phoenix
Clever dispenserBronzeInvest all talent points
This is a guardianBronzeFind Charles Rookwood in the map room
The powerful trollBronzeFight against the trolls in Hogsmeade and survive the attack
The Gryffindor in the graveyardBronzeFind the map chamber (for Gryffindor members)
The toast of the cityBronzeFind the map chamber (for Slytherin members)
The wise owlBronzeFind the map chamber (for Ravenclaw members)
The Auror’s ApprenticeBronzeFind the map chamber (for Hufflepuff members)
Demiguise frightBronzeFind all Demiguise statues in the game world
Meeting the challengesBronzeKill all enemies in the battle arenas
Followed the butterfliesBronzeFind the treasure to which the butterflies lead you
The One Who Mastered the MemoriesBronzeLook at all the memories in the Denkarium
The hallowed heroBronzeKeep a sanctuary of death with you
The Good SamaritanBronzeComplete all side quests
The hero of HogwartsBronzeDefeat Ranrok (Leader of the Goblins)
The master of spellsBronzeMaster every spell
The fright justifies the meansBronzeKill 50 enemies with the spell Petrificus Totalus
The intrepid explorerBronzeSearch and find all stone dungeons
The defender of the dragonsSave a dragon life
Raise the expectationsBronzeAchieve a 100 attack combo
The nature of the beastBronzeBreed each type of beast at least once
The variety with the big appearanceBronzeFinish the intro and the selection ceremony at Hogwarts
The root of the problemBronzeStun 10 different enemies with a mandrake
Go through the potionsBronzeBrew each potion at least once
A shallow graveBronzeFinish the Sebastian Sallow relationship series
Best friendsBronzeFinish the relationship series of Poppy Sweeting
The avenging gazelleBronzeFinish the relationship series of Natsai Onai
A sharp sense of magicBronzeCast ancient magic for the first time
First class studentBronzeVisit the first lesson
Fly the good FlyingBronzeFinish all broom races with best time and beat Imelda
Challenge acceptedBronzeComplete all levels of a challenge
Final touchBronzeUse ancient magic for every enemy in the game
Merlin’s beardBronzeSuccessfully complete all of Merlin’s challenges
Struggling with a graphornBronzeOvercome the lord of the shore
Sailing alongBronzeReach the Poidsear coast
Room for improvementBronzeImprove a piece of equipment
Collector’s EditionBronzeComplete all collections
Fled around the worldBronzeFind all flea flames in the game world
Spilled milkBronzeKnock over 10 cows with flipendo
Take rootBronzeGrow each plant species at least once
Room with a viewBronzeReach the principal’s office at the highest point of Hogwarts
The knowledge seekerWin the house cup
A strength for successReach level 40 in the game
PlatinumCollect all trophies of the game

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