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How to unlock Momentum abilities in Gotham Knights

In our guide to the action video game Gotham Knights, we’ll show you the requirements to properly use Momentum abilities and unlock new ones. Each of the heroes in the game uses melee and ranged attacks, as well as powerful swinging abilities. These are active skills, which differ depending on the user. In addition to the normal attacks, each hero also has a very powerful ability, which requires a higher cooldown after use. These are marked in gold color.

The momentum needed for these attacks is gained while fighting. You’ll gain the most momentum with perfect attacks or evasive maneuvers.

Gotham Knights: How to unlock new Momentum abilities

You’ll be able to unlock new Momentum abilities in Gotham Knights as the main story of the game progresses. To do this, you need to solve selected challenges or case files. To do this, you’ll have to defeat certain enemies or solve quests. To find out which special attacks you can unlock, you need to go to the Abilities tab via the game menu. Under the sub-item „Momentum skills“ you will find these in the overview.

Gotham Knights: Batgirl Momentum Abilities

If you want to find out which faction each opponent in Gotham Knights belongs to, check out the database. In the menu under the Profiles tab, select the Factions option. The enemy types fought so far are listed there.

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