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God of War Ragnarok Guide: All trophies of the action adventure at a glance

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The action-adventure game God of War Ragnarok offers you a large, detailed game world with many quests and events to find and complete. Trophy hunters will also get their money’s worth in the sequel to the video game series. In this short guide you will learn how many trophies there are in the game and how to unlock them.

GoW Ragnarok includes a total of 36 trophies at release: 16x bronze; 15x silver; 4x gold and 1x platinum trophy.

Spoiler warning: The description of the trophies might contain information about the story of the video game. If you don’t want to be spoiled, read the following overview only after finishing the first playthrough.

God of War Ragnarok: The trophies at a glance

Many of the bronze trophies are automatically completed as you progress through the story. If you follow many of the side quests in addition to the main story, some of the silver trophies will be waiting for you. And if you are a true fan of the action adventure and want to spend many hours playing the game, the platinum reward awaits you.

On high glossBronzeImprove an armor
BloodguiltBronzeFights against the thunder god
The librarianBronzeCollect all books
The boilerBronzeDestroy the cauldron of Gryla
A bearish encounterBronzeFights against a bear
The museum directorBronzeCollect all artifacts
The floristBronzeCollect a flower from all 9 worlds
Better togetherBronzeFights against the Valkyries Hrist and Mist
Backyard WedgeBronzeFights against the mysterious Valkyrie
New friendsBronzeGet Lúndas ball
Rebel leaderBronzeObtain the hammer of the rebellion
Knock off rustBronzeBuy a skill
Let off the leashBronzeFights against Garm
How it all beganBronzeEquip a spell
Well deserved punishmentBronzeFights against Heimdall
Roots of the problemBronzeFights against Nidhogg
Funeral of a friendSilverAttend the funeral
Best friendsSilverStroke Svanna and Speki
DragonslayerSilverMake the complete dragon scale armor
It was a good daySilverGet Mardöll
Fire testsSilverComplete all trials of Muspelheim
Gufa totalSilverFree the Hafgufas
Invasive speciesSilverComplete all crater hunts
PhalanxSilverCollect all shields
Legal placeSilverBring Ratatöskr back all lindworms
Pure heartSilverObtain all the deer of the 4 seasons
CollectorSilverCollect all sword booklets and relics
Spartan methodsSilverMemorize the teachings of Sparta
Full bellySilverCollect all horns with Blutmet and Idunn apples
ReparationSilverFree the Lyngbakr
How it goesSilverRepair the Yggdrasil amulet
Ready to bindGoldFully upgrade an armor set
The true queenGoldFights against Gna
RagnarokGoldFights against the All Father
Serious errorGoldBattles against King Hrolf
The bear and the wolfPlatinumCollect all trophies of the game

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