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Valheim: These are the best mods for the Viking survival game

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The Viking survival game Valheim from the developer Iron Gate AB offers an open game world and many mechanics to provide long-term motivation besides building your own Viking settlement. However, the game’s modder community also has a strong presence, offering players ways to improve the game or add new features – completely free of charge.

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Valheim: How to install a modification

The operators of the website have opened a great opportunity for the community to share their own game modifications with players of various video games. Also for the survival game Valheim there are many modders who offer their mods for free download.

Nexus Mods is your one stop shop for the best Valheim mods.

You can download one or more mods and install them manually. If you want to make things easier for yourself, you can download and install the Nexus mods manager Vortex. With this, the mods can be installed with a click or uninstalled again if necessary.

To get access to the modifications, all you have to do is create an account on the site and you can start downloading right away. Registration on the site or downloading the mods is completely free. Some modifications require a complementary tool to work. In many cases, it is the BepInExPack. This note can be found in the description of the respective page.

Important notice: When installing a modification in Valheim, you must pay attention to the current game version. Because even the modders have to update their mod after a game update, depending on the first time, so that it is compatible.

Below we have compiled an overview of the best mods for Valheim for you. We based our selection on our own experience as well as the number of downloads and the rating of the players.

These are the best mods for Valheim

Valheim Plus

Probably the most extensive Valheim modification is Valheim Plus by modder nXxyz. This lets you customize many of the game’s features and values yourself. To name just a few of the functions: You can increase the range of the workbench or the radius of picking up items, the regeneration of stamina or food. Or you shorten the time in which the bees collect the honey. In summary, you can customize most of the gameplay values.


Equipment and Quick Slots

The Equipment and Quick Slots modification adds additional inventory slots for worn equipment to the existing inventory, plus three additional slots for quick selection. These Qucikslots are suitable for food or potions, for example.


Custom Container Sizes

With this mod you can extend the maximum capacity limit of containers. After all, who hasn’t experienced it: when farming for hours on end, the crates, the cart or the ship are quickly full on an expedition.


Wind At Your Back

The open sea can be rough and dangerous. In Valheim, you can only cross large bodies of water by boat or ship, but you must rely on the tailwind blowing into the sails of the ship. With Wind At Your Back, the fine art of sailing is history for you, because you always have a tailwind from the installation.


Better portals

With Anyportal , the connection of the portals in Valheim is greatly improved. In the game itself, two portals must have the same name in order to be connected and allow travel through them. After installing the mod, you can select the destination from a drop-down menu at a portal.


The Unrestricted Portals modification is especially beneficial for farming ores. This cannot normally be transported through a portal. After installation, you can also take copper, bronze, iron, or black metal with you when you fast travel through portals…,


And if you want to use fast travel completely without a portal in Valheim, you can do that with Take Me Home at the touch of a button.


Plant Everything

Valheim modification Plant Everything is a rewrite of the popular Planting Plus mod and is developed by modder Advize. With this expansion you will become a real Viking gardener. You can plant and harvest berries, flowers, mushrooms or tree seedlings that you have collected in your base. After harvesting, these grow back in the same place. During our cozy game nights, this was one of our favorite mods.


– This overview of the most popular modifications to the Viking survival game is updated regularly. –

Can I install mods on my Valheim server?

The answer to this question is quite simple: all modifications for Valheim can be installed on an online server in addition to the single player. You have to make sure that all players have the same version of the game and the mods installed on it.

As soon as a game update is released, the server and the installed mods must be updated. How exactly the individual extensions are installed and set up on the server can vary depending on the provider. The server providers explain the setup with the help of a FAQ or you can ask the support for help if needed.

With this texture pack you will improve the graphics of Valheim

In addition to the expansions of the survival game, you can also improve the graphics of Valheim with the help of texture packs. Also in this category there are already some packages, we have chosen Valheim: HD Overhaul MOD. The pack was until recently our absolute favorite to give Valheim a new shine.

Update: Since the latest game version (as of January 2023), this has unfortunately not yet been updated. Therefore we recommend our alternative HD Valheim, which you can download here.

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