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These are the best mods for the fantasy RPG Hogwarts Legacy

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When a game developer releases a great video game, it’s a beautiful thing. If the player community subsequently refines this with modifications or provides alternative gameplay variants, that’s terrific. The fantasy role-playing game Hogwarts Legacy is a video game in the Harry Potter universe and developer Avalanche Software was already able to convince at release.

But the modder community doesn’t sleep either and has already released some good mods for the game. These change the game mechanics, the look of your broom, or add a little fun to the game. In this article we present some of the most popular of them in a little more detail.

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The fantasy role-playing game Hogwarts Legacy offers a large open game world to explore. Many game mechanics and a great story are already included. However, you can download and install additional modifications for free shortly after release. The installation of most mods is quite simple. You unzip the downloaded file with programs like 7-Zip or WinRAR and drag the file into the appropriate folder. The installation description can be found on the respective mod page. The whole thing becomes even easier with the NexusMods Manager Vortex . Some of the popular and often downloaded mods are presented here.

Notice: The modifications are developed by modders from the community and might cause problems or bugs in the game. It is best to save your save state before installation and create a backup.

Mouse gesture to spell

This Hogwarts Legacy mod fundamentally changes how spells are performed. Instead of navigating through the spell pages, you can perform the spells with a mouse movement and your mouse becomes a wand. Included with the modification are further setting options to adjust as desired.

Download on NexusMods

Arachnophobia mode

The “Arachnophobia mode” modification should be a real boon in the game, especially for spider haters. The small or large animals with many hairy legs are replaced by a cube after installation and do not seem so dangerous after that.

Download on NexusMods

With the Arachnophobia mode mod, spiders are no longer a problem.

The Elder Wand

The fabled Elder Wand is the most powerful wand in the history of the Harry Potter world. The Elder Wand mod brings this very wand to Hogwarts Legacy and can be used like any of the wands.

Download on NexusMods

Shrek broom

Probably one of the most bizarre and also funny is the “Shrek broom mod”. This one turns your flying broom into the big green ogre named Shrek. After the installation you will become an inseparable pair and already the game world as if Flying.

Download on NexusMods

Travel the magical world of Hogwarts Legacy with Shrek … who hasn’t always wanted to do that?

Nimbus 2000 broom

After introducing the most powerful wand, we come to Harry Potter’s very own broom. This mod brings the Nimbus 2000 into the game. You probably haven’t flown through the air any cooler in Hogwarts Legacy. However, the mod still needs some fine-tuning, as the textures of the broom could be a bit more high-resolution.

Download on NexusMods

With the Nimbus 2000, you’ll also cut a fine figure in Hogwarts Legacy.

A very special modification comes from the creators of the popular Skyrim Togethermod. With HogWarp the first Hogwarts Legacy multiplayer mod was released, which will be further improved. We will present these in more detail in our article about the co-op mode.

Play Hogwarts Legacy with your friends!

We continuously expand this overview and keep it up to date. Feel free to share suggestions for great mods via our social media pages like our Hogwarts Legacy Facebook page.

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