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Hogwarts Legacy – Becoming Evil: How to learn the unforgivable curses

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The fantasy role-playing game Hogwarts Legacy is set in the Harry Potter universe and brings you the full load of magic on the screen. But here, of course, there are not only good magicians or sorceresses, but also those of the dark side. You are reading this article either because you want to learn and use spells like Avada Kedavra, or out of pure interest.

In both cases, in this guide to the video game, we’ll show you what unforgivable spells there are and how you can unlock them in the game.

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These unforgivable curses are available in Hogwarts Legacy

A spell with evil intentions, such as killing opponents or torturing them, is also called an unforgivable curse. Some of these nasty spells have also made it into the Harry Potter RPG Hogwarts Legacy. Below we list them and explain their effects:

  • Imperius (Imperio): With the Imperius spell, you can subjugate your enemies and force your will upon them. In this cursed state, they switch to your side and fight their former allies to support you in battle.
  • Cruciatus (Crucio, torture curse): The Cruciatus spell is a particularly nasty type of curse. If you cast this unforgivable curse on your opponent, they will writhe in pain until you lower your wand again. In the video game, you inflict constant damage on the target.
  • Avada Kedavra (death curse): This spell is probably one of the worst of the forbidden curses. This death spell kills your opponent instantly when cast. The spell can be recognized by the green beam of light. In the Harry Potter universe, the wizard who casts this spell is punished with imprisonment in Azkaban.
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How to unlock the unforgivable curses in Hogwarts Legacy

Probably the easiest way to get the unforgivable curses in Hogwarts Legacy is to buy the Deluxe or Collectors Edition. These include the Dark Arts package, which grants access to the curses. Go to the Forbidden Forest near Hogwarts and enter the Dark Arts Battle Arena. During the fight against the waves of enemies, you can now use the curses as you please.

Unlocking the curses in the course of the game

However, you can also unlock the spells Avada Kedavra, Crucioor Imperio in the course of the Hogwarts Legacy story. To do this, you’ll have to befriend the wizard student Sebastian Sallow from the Hogwarts house Slytherin. After his sister was cursed with one of the forbidden spells, he devotes himself to learning them in order to one day be able to break his sister’s curse.

The first curse that can be learned is the Cruciatus curse. You’ll learn it in the side mission “In the Shadow of the Study”. At one point in the quest series, you are given the choice of whether or not to learn the curse. However, since you’ve read this far, your interest in dark magic should be high. So agree! Now you will only be faced with the choice of whether to apply the unforgivable curse to yourself or someone else.

With the Cruciatus curse you torture your enemies.

In the follow-up quest “In the Shadow of Time” you’ll go to a ruin and have to eliminate enemies like spiders. In the course of this neb mission you’ll learn the Imperio, with which you’ll be able to bend enemies to your will. Fans of the Harry Potter series know this spell from Professor Moody, who, contrary to what is taught in class, uses it on spiders.

With the Imperio, you subjugate the enemies to your will.

You can learn probably the worst spell Avada Kedavra later in the game of Hogwarts Legacy. You unlock it in the quest “In the Shadow of the Relic”. You’ll once again find yourself in the catacombs where stronger opponents are waiting for you. Upon successful completion, Sebastian will apply the curse himself and then teach it to you.

Avada Kedavra is the death curse and kills the target instantly.

If you want to be a good sorceress or mage, you don’t have to indulge in evil magic and you can learn all the other spells and use them in the game depending on the situation. In Hogwarts Legacy you can’t completely switch to the evil side, since the game doesn’t have a morality system. You are and will always be the hero of the story, no matter how many times you use one of the unforgivable curses.

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