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Palworld Guide: Fast leveling and XP farming

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With the survival shooter Palworld, developer Poketpair 2024 released a video game that is strongly reminiscent of Pokémon. The crucial difference, however, is that you can not only level up your captured Pals, but also yourself.

You or your Pal collect XP during various activities such as combat or the procurement of resources. You can use these experience points to collect better armor, weapons, building elements or resources or become stronger in battle alone or with the Pals. In this guide, we’ll show you how to level up faster in Palworld.

Level up faster in Palworld with these tricks

Palworld: Farm passive XP with the Pal named Fixy

The Pal Fixy is a great way to collect XP faster and farm Pal Spheres at the same time. From character level 5, you can unlock the ranch you need for this. Next, catch as many of the fox-like Fixys as you can. Go to your ranch and summon the Fixys there with the Pal Box.

You can find the fox-like Fixy’s in the marked area.

With their ability, they now dig for pal spheres without ceasing. From now on, you no longer have to produce the spheres yourself and spend resources on them, and by catching many more Pals you will receive the valuable XP to gain experience points.

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Palworld: An XP bonus for catching lots of different Pals

In the survival shooter Palworld, the Pals are one of the main components of the gameplay. These creatures populate the entire open game world and are just waiting to be defeated or captured by you. Once you have brought them into your team, you can fight battles with them or let them work for you in jobs.

Take a look at your Paldeck to get information about the Pals you have caught.

However, as this XP bonus cannot be stacked, you should catch lots of different Pals. These live in different biomes. Once you have caught ten of a species, hunt other monsters in the same biome and change location to continue the hunt in other areas.

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Palworld: Fast leveling through boss towers

The open game world of Palworld offers numerous opportunities to collect experience points to increase your level. The boss towers, which can be found throughout the game world, offer one of the best level opportunities. Quite strong opponents await you at these special towers, which will earn you lots of XP.

You can re-enter the boss towers immediately after successfully raiding them and collect experience points there. You can also skip the cutscene at the start of the tower to save time. It is important that you have enough pals, equipment and ammunition with you or have built a camp nearby.

The boss towers in Palworld are the fastest way to level up.

To gain experience points quickly in Palworld, catch as many different Pals as possible. If you now open your paldeck, you can read the catch bonus as well as other values in the description of each pal. This varies and will naturally be higher for stronger Pals. You also receive an XP bonus for catching 10 Pals of the same species.

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