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Hogwarts Legacy: The Bell Riddle at Hogwarts & Solution to the Quest „Solved by the Bell“.

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The magical game world of the fantasy role-playing game Hogwarts Legacy invites you to explore and discover. You can prepare potions, cast all sorts of spells, open chests and solve many different puzzles. One of these riddles of the musical kind are the bell riddles. In two quests you have to carry bells to their designated place and in the other you have to play a melody on the bells. In this guide we will show you the solution to the two side missions.

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Hogwarts Legacy „Unlocked by the Bell“ Quest Guide – Solution

On your journey through the enchanting Hogwarts Legacy game world, sooner or later you will stumble upon the side mission „Unlocked by the Bell“. The quest „The Hippogriff Marks the Spot“ takes you to the south of the map to the Cape at the Manor region. There, in Henrietta’s hiding place, you will find, among other things, a treasure map with several bells on it.

Now leave the hideout and go to the Clagmar Coast region to Clagmar Castle. In a decayed bell tower located on the Ground you will find the total of 9 bells, which are still in the right place. You have to make them sound with a magic attack and in the right order. In the following picture we have numbered the bells for better illustration to show you the correct order better.

After you activate one of the bells with a spell, a short tone appears and below the bells on the music sheet the corresponding blue note. The bells must be operated in the order – 2, 5, 7, 6, 5, 9, 8, 6. After the last bell is tolled, the music sheet is activated and plays the notes one after the other, sounding a short melody. By the way, this melody should sound quite familiar to most Harry Potter fans.

When you solve the bell puzzle, a treasure chest will appear on the pedestal as a reward. In it you will find the equipment item „Treasure Hunter’s Longcoat“.

Note: In order to get the treasure map and solve the puzzle, you will need the spell Glacius in addition to the spells you have already learned in the story.

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Hogwarts Legacy bell riddle in Hogwarts bell tower – solution

You probably noticed another bell puzzle during your exploration of Hogwarts. Several bells were placed in the bell tower of the castle in the upper part, but two of them are missing and are spread over two floors below.

You can solve this puzzle without an active quest, or you can start the side mission „All’s well that ends well“ by addressing the student Evangeline. It is located near the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom.

On the lower floor, looking from the mounted bells, you will find the first bell lying on the Ground. You must use spells like Wingardium Leviosa or Levioso in combination with Accio to move them up and attach them to the bottom row of bells.

You can make the bells and the anchors visible with the Revelio spell.

You will find the second bell on the upper floor on a wooden ledge next to the stairs. To find both bells better, you can also cast the spell Revelio. Now transport this bell to the upper row of bells using the same method as for the first one.

Once you have moved both bells to the right position, they will attach themselves almost by themselves. Then the bells begin to ring and play a melody. A door will open in the topmost area of the bell tower and as a reward you can get the loot from several chests. Among them is a legendary piece of equipment.

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