Start Guides Hogwarts Legacy: Place the pieces in the chess puzzle – solution

Hogwarts Legacy: Place the pieces in the chess puzzle – solution

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The fantasy role-playing game Hogwarts Legacy offers you a large open game world that wants to be explored. You will see much of the lovingly designed world of the Harry Potter Potter universe as you complete the main and side missions

As the game progresses, you’ll encounter several dungeons with a chess puzzle, among other things. Since you need a lot of practice to play chess really well, this puzzle might scare you off at first sight. However, in this guide we will show you how you can easily solve it and pocket the reward.

The Chess Puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy – Solution

On your travels through the Hogwarts Legacy game world you’ll find many puzzles to solve. In addition to the Animal Beast door puzzle or Merlin’s puzzle, there is also a chess puzzle later in the game. You can find them at a total of 4 different locations on the map:

  • In the south of the map on the Poidsear coast near the Flea Flame quick travel point „Phoenix Mountain Cave“.
  • Another chess puzzle can be found further south at the location Marunweem Lake
  • And two more still further south at the Cragcroftshire location

To solve the magic chess game you need the spells Wingardium Leviosa and Transformation. The goal of the magic game is to checkmate the black king. The first thing you need to do is conjure up another character. You can identify the object to be enchanted with the transformation spell with the help of the Revelio spell. With the enchantment it turns into a chess piece.

Using the Wingardium Leviosa spell, you must now place the figures in the correct position. We will now show you how these must stand:

  • Rook: Move one of the rooks to a square in the row in front of the king, but leave a space between you and the black king.
  • Queen & Bishop: Place these two pieces diagonally left in front of the king at the end of the chessboard. The correct position is one square in front of another white piece.
  • Spinger (horse): Move the horse one space to the left of the queen or bishop. It is now diagonally left in front of the opponent’s piece and close to the black king.

If you place the chess pieces correctly and thus win the game, the black king dissolves into dust. As a reward, a treasure chest will reveal itself to you.

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If our written description is not enough for you to solve the puzzle, we will link you to a video below:

Solution: Chess puzzle on the Poidsear coast
Solution: Chess puzzle at Marunweem Lake
Solution: Chess puzzle at Cragcroftshire

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